E*Value Patient and Procedure Logs

Medical students are expected to log onto E*Value (http://www.e-value.net/) to enter patient and procedure logs. E*value can also be accessed from within ALEX.

You should enter every patient encountered and procedure performed or observed at the end of every week. It is imperative that you include the preceptor (attending physician or resident) who supervised you. You will need your Kerberos ID (KID) and password to enter. You do not need an institution code. This is a way to keep track of and ensure optimal clinical and surgical encounters and experiences during your obgyn clerkship.

Failure to do this will affect your final grade.

Download instructions for using E*Value

Clerkship Patient Log Policy

Students are required to log patients with whom they have had significant involvement, for example someone they have worked up in clinic or admitted through the ER, whose surgery or delivery they participated in or for whom they have primary responsibility on the floor. Each patient needs to be logged only once unless a second significant medical event occurs (e.g. PE, MI, etc.). In addition, procedures such as NGT, IV, and Foley catheter placement, as well as all simulated patient encounters including OSCEs should be placed in the patient log.